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CCMAA Services

Principal Programs:

Seniors Services

This program, operated under contract with the State of Connecticut Department of Social Services and North Central Area Agency on Aging, Inc., is designed to offer a full range of social services directly to the diverse immigrant populations served by CCMAA. Main programming components focus on counseling/advocacy of seniors in the areas of health and nutrition, English as a Second Language, and advocacy in the legal and medical fields. CCMAA also facilitates socialization amongst elderly immigrant populations through its operation of these programs. In this way, CCMAA provides direct social services through advocacy and counseling, as well as making it possible for aged immigrants to form new connections in their new home.

Community Organizing

With funding support from Hartford Foundation for Public Giving, the City of Hartford, and the Local Initiative Support Center, CCMAA does extensive “organizing” and outreach to Vietnamese immigrants living and/or working in the Parkville neighborhood of Hartford. Working around the “theme” of “economic self sufficiency” we reach out to the neighborhoods immigrant through small culturally sensitive group meetings at which we gain insights and pass on information that can positively impact their financial circumstances: employment, education, English as a second language, as well as related themes such as insurance, savings, debt and asset management. The program is also designed to help identify indigenous community leaders who may eventually play key roles in the redistribution of electoral power … to better include immigrant communities.

Crime Victim Advocacy

Funded under contract with the State of Connecticut Office of Victim Services, CCMAA employs four part-time Victim Advocates – each of whom provides 10 hours of service weekly to crime victims in separate immigrant populations: Vietnamese, Kosovars/Albanians, Brazilian, Haitians, and Africans. As part of this program, these advocates undertake home visits to crime victims, and can also provide “crisis counseling” for victims of domestic violence and other violent crimes. We contact police in the victim’s behalf, attend court proceedings with victims, provide transportation to and from court proceedings, and provide translation services for victims during their court appearances.

Youth Development  

The Coalition’s outreach effort to immigrant/refugee groups also includes outreach to the youngest amongst this population. Currently, the primary form that the youth development initiative takes is a year –round Soccer Program, Health Education, and Summer Program including beach outings and recreational activities. Advocacy/counseling is also available to the children who participate in these programs, so that the program addresses not just social and health/nutritional needs, but also a wide range of other issues. The program is operated with funding support from the City of Hartford’s Office of Youth Services and others.

Access to Health Care

The Coalition is developing a program to provide a unified approach to assisting new immigrants who are confronted with health care needs. Western Medicine presents itself both as a miracle of healing and a bureaucratic nightmare of forms, finances and frustration. We are attempting to build a program that assists immigrants when they are most in need – when they are ill, and ill-informed, without a road map and without resources.

Translation and Interpretation

To help immigrants/refugees become as self-sufficient as possible, the CCMAA offers English as a Second Language (ESL) courses. Classes to assist individuals in preparing for naturalization are also offered. In addition, our advocates can provide assistance to non-English speakers in dealing with various organizations, including schools, medical providers, health, housing, and other social service agencies. To encourage cultural preservation, CCMAA also encourages each ethnic group to offer classes to teach children their native language and culture.


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