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Success Stories

Success Story #1

The start of the year was joyful to some people but not to the people who lived above a bakery in the south end of Hartford. On January 1st there was a terrible fire that left six families homeless. The CCMAA was there to help, and help we did. After taking some Albanian family members down to the City of Hartford Department of Licenses & Inspections for proof that their apartments  were condemned and not fit for human occupancy, the members were then taken by one of volunteers along with a translator to the Red Cross to get furniture and bedding. This is just one of many success stories the CCMAA has for the year and there are much more to come.

Success Story # 2

After finding an ad to do work from home in the local newspaper, a young lady from Iraq sent almost fifty dollars to a PO Box number and received back some very difficult instruction on how to find homes that had been repossessed. She was unable to understand the very difficult directions and was ready to throw the paperwork into the garbage when she realized she might get some help from one of our CCMAA volunteers. After checking over the paperwork, the volunteer called the company but was unable to reach them by phone. He wrote a letter to the PO Box number, mailed it registered mail, asking for her money back. A few weeks later a check came in the mail to this family of ten people with a check that not only returned the original amount but also included the postage.

Success Story # 3

A young Iranian mother of three children realized how stressful it is to be in a country that doesn’t speak her language decided to join a health club to relieve the everyday stress. She joined a health club and signed a contract to allow the club to deduct the membership fees from her checking account . A few months later, she lost her job and tried to cancel the membership fees that were being deducted automatically from her account. The health club told her that she signed a contract and she needed her doctor to certify that she could no longer use their facilities or to relocate to another state that didn’t have their club there. She asked a CCMAA volunteer to help her with this problem. He called and sent a letter to the health club indicating that this lady could no longer afford the fees being deducted from her account but they ignored her request. He then took her to her bank and closed her checking account. The health club no longer could deduct from her closed account and a new letter was mailed to the health club that strong and clear enough that she hasn’t been contacted by the health club since.

Success Story # 4

A Bosnian father of three children put a one thousand dollars deposit down on a house. The Realtor made him aware he had thirty days to get a loan to purchase the Hartford house. In the mean time, the Bosnian father received an urgent call from his mother back in Bosnia that she had broken her arm and needed his help there. He got the first plane out and didn’t think to notify the Realtor that he could not fulfill his part of the contract. When he got back from Bosnia he went to the Realtor and asked for his deposit back. The Realtor told him that because he didn’t notify them he forfeited his $1,000 deposit. CCMAA heard his story and got involved. Writing a letter to the Realtor didn’t work so it was necessary to go to Small Claims Court. After the judge read the lengthy report prepared by the CCMAA advocate, he issued a letter to the Realtor to give the money back to the father. After about two weeks, the father received his money back.


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